James Paterson

June 16, 2011

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James Paterson ALib1

I first released this screensaver back in 2003. Here is a long overdue update that works on newer Intel Macs. Enjoy!

Download as screensaver for Mac

Download as screensaver for PC

  • tony

    wow the screensaver looks amazing !

  • James Paterson

    Thanks Tony!

  • Elias Hickman

    Looks really cool. Is it all random math?

    • James Paterson

      Thanks Elias,
      Nope, no random math on this one. It is a library of hand drawn animation being arrangement by a small amount of code.

  • Peter Mark Ellis

    Awesome screensaver but I cant get it to work on 10.7.4 OSX

    • James Paterson

      Hmm.. strange I have it working here on 10.7.4. I’ll try and uninstall it and reinstall and see if it blows up.

      • James Paterson

        Yeah, I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to work fine for me on 10.7.4.. Can you tell me what happens when you try to install?

  • Debbie Smith

    Just found this. Best screensaver EVER! Love it!

  • Cairo Eucariza

    Best Screensaver ever.
    Thanks very much for this great piece.
    Looking forward for more future works.

  • Guy

    Does this work on OSX Lion?
    I tried making this amazing screensaver, my screensaver and it crashes every time I try to put it on…..So can you please help me??

    • guy

      version 10.8.3

  • Emanuele Colombo

    No working on Mavericks :(

  • David

    Had it for years and this is still my favorite screen saver! I’m not having any issues with it on Mavericks for what it’s worth.

  • Tony

    hey James – this doesn’t work on OSX for some reason. I’m presented with Blocked Plug-In, any suggestions on how to fix this?

    The Blocked Plug-In is presented when I open the installer and again when previewing the screensaver.

  • Níc


    To make it work in the new versions of macOS is simple:
    Just install Flash Player: