Code Smell Paintings 1

July 18, 2011

In programming, a code smell is a hint that something has gone wrong somewhere in your code. You can use the smell to track down the problem.The more experienced the programmer the more profound a nose he or she can develop for these smells. Sometimes it’s just a tiny whiff, but it can also be a heady gorgonzola.

Mother & ChildRecursive TeethG-Spot Moss FemaieRecursive Hand

  • Anonymous

    Love this series man. you should print them… I would def. buy one or two.

    • James Paterson

      That would be great.. Gotta go on a hunt for a good on-demand printing service to hookup with for that kind of thing. If anyone out there has any suggestions I am all ears!

  • Christian Southgate

    I’m a coder and I love these. The first one really is stinky!

    • James Paterson

      Yeah, Looks like inheritance gone awry to me : )