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Founded in 1999, Presstube is a space where James Paterson and a handful of his closest friends showcase their work.

Currently contributing are James PatersonAmit PitaruJeremy FelkerJaime LeBlancJames BraithwaiteCraptech, and Rhonda.

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  • Alyn

    I love your Presstube screensaver. But it’s been ages (2003) since then and is there any way you guys can update it for it to work on newer operating systems for both Mac and PC?

    Also are there any future prospects for newer screensavers to be released on this site?


    • Ocean

      Seconded. More screensavers!

      • James Paterson

        I hear you. I will get going on some more : )

        • ThisGuy Montague

          Hey James, I had the most recent version of presstube screensaver working on my (late 2010) macbook pro and since then I’ve updated the OS 2x to Maverick and presstube doesn’t work : (

          Nor do chunkulus or heart.

          I really liked the artwork and the screensaver got LOTS of comments (those interested were redirected appropriately to presstube, thus using your screensaver as advertising)

          Might we see newer versions of these working for Mac OSX 10.9?

        • Zach Alexander

          Ditto on screensavers not working on Mavericks :< Makes me so sad because a decade later it's still the coolest screensaver I've ever seen…

      • James Paterson

        Just posted a new one, Chunkulus:

  • James Paterson

    Wow.. 2003, only 8 years of procrastination ; )

    I just bought Screentime, the necessary software to update the saver (for the low price of $400, jeeeez what a rip!). Uploading an update saver will be the next thing I’ll do.

    And yes, I do have plans to release other ones too.

    Hang in there for a few more days..

  • James Paterson

    Ask and you shall recieve!

    ALib1 Screensaver

  • Nhd

    Really Good. Thank you.
    Are you spread around on other websites, such as
    (I found your site searching google images for “Davy Jones Locker”)

  • Jay S.

    Where can we go to buy some of your original work? I really love this stuff. It’s like Basquiat.

    • James Paterson

      Gawd, I’m so sorry for the late reply! I have been knee deep in new baby land and totally out of it communications-wise.

      Buy original work? I am not selling my stuff anywhere at the moment but am more than happy to arrange something. If you’re still up for it feel free to email me about it and we can set something up.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment, I am a big fan of Basquiat’s work.