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The Leonidas of Nerds

Sat, Jan 5th, 2008 - 07:38
Can I describe why I think Rick Rosner is one of the coolest people on earth? No. But I can't shake the feeling that he is.

An excerpt from an Errol Morris documentary about Mr.Rosner:

"I had an inkling that chicks might dig scars. I had a lot of scars, all of them in bad places. Ninth grade, I start workin' out and give myself a hernia and got a four inch scar along my groin. A bunch of scars up and down my left leg from a varicose vein stripping that shouldn't have been done at all. Went out for wrestling, put myself on this not very well advised diet of lettuce and dog biscuits because I was reading package labels and the biscuits seemed to have a lot of fiber and not a lot of fat; I got very bad hemorrhoids. I'm veiny, and hemorrhoids are ass veins, its all part of the same deal. I'm walkin' around the school, you know with a maxi pad in the back of my shorts and pantyhose to keep my leg from falling apart plus I'm on percadan so I don't really give a shit that I'm, like, farting from my destroyed rectum every time I go down the stairs."

If you haven't already checked it out, Errol Morris' series
"First Person" is a must see.