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Roll To Death

Wed, Jan 16th, 2008 - 09:54
You know when you love a hamster so much that you just want to squeeze it to death? Well what about loving someone so much that you just want to roll down a fatally steep hill while embracing one another so that your bodies could be smashed together into a mushy broken pulp of pure love? In this fantasy the two bodies merge into one unified pile of dead meat; the only problem is that in reality the bodies would be flung apart due to centrifugal force as they pick up speed, and the star crossed lovers would end up in two separate piles of mush. Scratch that off the list of romantic ways to die with the one you love!

I have also included a diagram of my dream home/fortress, but I will have to elaborate on it later. It may or may not involve a moat of acid, and a flying fox/zipline going from the tip of the spire down into the massive garage of exotic cars.

Amendment Feb 2, 2008:
Just tie yourselves together with rope! Problem solved. Back on the list.