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The Jesus Lizard

Wed, Jan 23rd, 2008 - 16:17
Every few years I remember how much I loved the Jesus Lizard when I was a teenager, and I crack their albums open again. Every time I am amazed at how incredible they are. They are an embodiment of such pure and cathartic ugliness. I think in retrospect they are the best band from the 90's. Plenty of people would rather hear cats being tortured than Yow's raspy mewlings, but once you love them you can't unlove them.

Five favorite Jesus Lizard Songs:

1. Gladiator
2. Monkey Trick
3. The Art Of Self Defense
4. Rope
5. Skull Of A German

My favorite album is Liar. I think that is because it was the one that I stole from Sam The Record Man when I was 14 and my introduction to the band. I popped it in my tape deck for the first time hoping for something like Metallica, and remember being markedly disappointed. But for some reason I kept with it and it slowly, song by song, the album began to bloom. I began to understand and relate to it piece by piece, until finally I could let the corrosive waves of Zachariah wash over me and just FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!! There is something to be said for music that is hard to like at first. Sometimes this is a sign of the music sucking shit.. Other times, it is because the artists are waaay ahead of the curve and the public just isn't ready to metabolize them yet; the latter being the case with the Jesus Lizard. They are raw, vulgar destroyers of rock, and are currently my favorite band... again.