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Microwave Your Slippers

Thu, Jan 31st, 2008 - 10:52
This winter I have been avoiding using as much electric heat as I used to because it is expensive and also I have heard that it is bad for my plants. So to fend off the slight chill of my apt I have taken to microwaving my slippers. I wish someone had told me about this so that I could have been doing it all my life; thus, I am passing the information on to you. The sensation can best be described as slipping your feet into freshly baked loaves of bread. Ugggghhhh, orgasmic foot warmth. I am doing this with sheepskin moccasins. If you are wearing slippers made of synthetics, microwave at your own risk (then tell me what happened). If you are wearing metal slippers, do not microwave them.

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