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T.F.A.B Remix!

Mon, Feb 4th, 2008 - 14:48
After releasing my latest smash hit, "Tuna Fish & Beans" here on PT the other day I was quite proud of myself. How do you think I felt when Chris from K-rad sent me a link to this!!!


Ummm, I felt good...
Frankly, it made me want to bunch my hands up in front of my chest like little tyrannosaurus arms and flap them about in jerky robotic motions. It makes me want to put on track pants that are too big and hike them up so that I have visible "mannle toe" and do strange stunted looking kick dances. It made me want to wear a scarf under my t-shirt so that I look like I have a bubbly goiter hump on my chest and neck and do pelvic thrusts at my hallway mirror. Not that I did all of those things in real life while listening to the song or anything. I'm just saying.

If anyone else out there wants to try their hand at a T.F.A.B remix, don't be shy. you can get the original mp3 here.