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The 4th & Best "P"

Fri, Feb 8th, 2008 - 18:41
In many object oriented programming languages there are 3 access specifiers, or levels of publicity for variables and methods. 'Private' being the most private and only allowing use within a class, 'Protected' for use inside the inheritance structure, and 'Public' for use by everyone. The three P's. Encapsulation would be shot without them.

I propose that one more P be added. I propose that there should be a 'Pubic' access specifier. This is for methods and variables that need to be accessed by one's genitalia. Lets say that you need to stick your Penis into an elegantly devised function, or you want to pour an Array full of Strings into you Vagina or Ass.. You are definitely going to need to use the Pubic access specifier.

Think about it.. We need it. Whoever makes the decisions about this stuff, please include the 4th and best P in all upcoming versions of everything.