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Roomboter Babbelaars

Sun, Mar 2nd, 2008 - 15:17
Huaallllg! I hate long flights, but have found the answer! Get to the airport early to avoid the unnecessary stress of potentially missing your flight b/c of traffic, or lines etc. Get all checked in and get to your gate. Start drinking. Drink steadily until you board the flight. Keep drinking after you board. Take over the counter sleeping pills. Try and stay awake until the first meal. Eat the first meal and wash it down with as much free booze as you can get. Tighten your seatbelt so that it feels like you are getting a firm hug. If you are chilly you can always put your coat on backwards so that it is like a blanket with arm tubes. Cross your arms tightly to increase the hugging effect of the seatbelt. Then pull the special head flaps on your seat tight so that your head doesn't loll around. Close your eyes. You are guaranteed to wake up only as the plane hits the tarmac at your destination.