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Poo Shelf Revealed!

Mon, Mar 10th, 2008 - 16:06
Ask and you shall receive! Today in my inbox I found this email in response to my poo shelf inquiry:


I found this issue on your website where you indicate your lack of understanding of the purpose of the European poo-shelf. I'd like to shed some light onto this issue for you.

I can't claim to be an authority on this (thankfully), but my understanding is that it's to prevent splashing of your poo into the water, which not only produces nasty sounds, but may also ultimately make water end up up your backside, and I don't think I know anyone who likes that.

The problem is of course that your poo just lying there is gross, but I see it like a trade off. Not all toilets have the poo shelf, but especially in noise-sensitive environments I prefer the shelf to the splashy bowl of water.

I hope to have shed some light on the subject for you :)

Cheers, Ralph


Thanks Ralph! That was a very helpful explanation. Now I have two check marks in the pros column on the poo-shelf debate.
1. Less poo splash sounds
2. Less poo drop splashback

Now that I at least have some check marks in the pros column.. here is a great post by someone else on the topic:

Poland Dispatch: The German Poo-Shelf Toilet