Dana Gingras, Amit Pitaru, James Paterson

Programming & Animation:
James Paterson & Amit Pitaru

Dana Gingras

Dana Gingras & Sarah Doucet

Roger Tellier-Craig modifying The Knife.

This is an excerpt from, I Am A Chain Reaction which is one of seven works that make up the dance/animation/programming hybrid project, Smashup.

Smashup is the outcome of an ongoing collaboration between artists James Paterson & Amit Pitaru ( Insertsilence ), and dancer/choreographer Dana Gingras ( Animals of Distinction, The Holy Body Tattoo ). It premiered in its complete form, an hour long performance, at the Festival Transamérique in Montreal in the summer of 2008.

Others involved in I Am A Chain Reaction are:
Dancer Sarah Doucet (the other being Gingras herself).
Musician Roger Tellier-Craig (of Fly Pan Am & Godspeed You! Black Emperor) who modified the song 'Bird' by swedish band 'The Knife'.
Visual artist Jeremy Felker who helped with the animation.

The software component of I Am A Chain Reaction is projected from above and running live during the performance. This is a raw video recording from above and involves no compositing.

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I Am A Chain Reaction, ( closeup of dancer Sarah Doucet)
Closup of Sarah Doucette, photo by Andre Bergeron